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Swati Mishra
Swati MishraUpdated a year ago

A free dual boot loading tool for Windows

EasyBCD is a free tool you can use to dual boot your Windows PC. You can set up and configure your computer to boot into Windows, macOS, Linux, BSD, and even Windows legacy systems like MS-DOS, ME, and 2000 with the click of a button. You can boot from virtual drives, ISO images, USB drives, and more. 

More than just a bootloader 

If you’re looking to take control of your boot loader and perform tasks like dual booting, create backups or generate bootable media, EasyBCD is the best tool for the job. 

The EasyBCD program lets you configure and make changes to the Windows Boot Configuration Data (BCD) by adding, removing, renaming, and configuring entries to create multiple boot environments on a single computer. 

EasyBCD also comes with tools and utilities that give you greater control over your boot loader. You can boot from both internal hard disks, USB drives, ISO images, CDs, and more. Plus, you can create bootable USB drives with repair tools for easy transportation. 

There are also tools to help mitigate disaster by letting you create entries that boot into recovery utilities or safe mode

How is the interface? 

EasyBCD has a straightforward layout and doesn’t hide each tool in the menu system. Instead, on the left-hand side of the window, you can see all of the available tools and options you can use, except for the extra utilities, which you need to click on ‘Useful Utilities’ first. 

Some of the utilities like EasyBCD Power Console are already installed. You'll need to download and install iReboot, Easy USB Creator, EasyRE Windows Recovery CDs, and the Windows Product Key Tool separately.    

The interface has a simple toggle to switch between a simple overview of your installed operating systems and a detailed debug mode. Clicking on the Edit Boot Menu lets you change the order of entries, choose your default one, rename entries, and delete entries. 

How do I install EasyBCD on Windows 10?

To install EasyBCD on Windows 10, you'll have to download and open the EasyBCD.EXE file. You’ll see a welcome screen. Then, you'll press ‘Next’ to continue to the Licence Agreement, read it and click ‘I Agree’ to move forward. 

At this stage, you can choose which components to install. You don’t need to install the desktop shortcut, but it will be easier to find and run it if you use the program a lot. After that, you'll have to choose your destination folder and click ‘Install.’ EasyBCD is a small program and only needs 6MB of hard disk space. Once the installation is complete, click ‘Finish’ and run the program. 

How do I add new boot entries? 

It is simple. You'll need to click on the ‘Add New Entry’ tab on the side of the window and choose your required operating system from the tabs at the top. 

Available options include Windows, Linux/BSD, Mac, or NeoGrub. You'll want to fill out the required details, such as the entry’s name and the drive where the operating system is installed. You can also use an external file and load it from a media device like a CD or USD drive. 

Does EasyBCD work with UEFI?

Since Windows 8, new computers are commonly shipped with a boot manager and UEFI firmware instead of the BIOS. Microsoft will automatically block the loading of non-Windows operating systems from the EasyBCD menu. This can, however, be bypassed by either: 

  • Disabling UEFI and secure boot
  • Using a virtual machine
  • Switching your main boot manager to GRUB2 EFI


Is EasyBCD free?

As long as you’re using EasyBCD for personal, non-commercial use, it is free. Each of the additional downloads also comes at no cost for the same reason. For all other types of usage, you will need to purchase a license. 


An easy-to-use boot loader for Windows 

EasyBCD download is the best freeboot loading management, repair, and multiboot tool you can download for Windows computers. Instead of managing the Windows boot systems via the command line, EasyBCD replaces it with a simple and elegant user interface. With just a few clicks, you can edit all of your entries or add new ones. 

It comes with useful tools like disk recovery options. If your computer is infected by a virus or becomes corrupted, you can boot straight into a recovery tool to restore your system. While there are alternatives like VisualBCD and Grub, they're not as good as EasyBCD. 


  • Easy to use
  • Dual boot your computer
  • Create backups and recovery tools


  • Can cause errors if used incorrectly

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EasyBCD for PC

  • Paid
  • In English
  • V
  • 3.8
  • (421)
  • Security Status

User reviews about EasyBCD

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    does this use two os at the same time .
    does this app use two os at the same time..... havent try the program...if this app use just one os at t More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Saved my skin.
    I love EasyBCD - it's saved my skin more times than I can count. I've used it to fix problems with migrating from XP to Vista and More


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