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Help & Info about EasyBCD for windows

  • What does EasyBCD do?

    It is a handy piece of software that gives you easy access to your computer's boot configuration data (or BCD), a database which was first introduced in Windows Vista and has been used ever since. The program lets you create multiple boot environments, add bootable tool and utility entries, and steer some of the Windows boot menu's processes.
  • What operating systems does EasyBCD support?

    The program runs under Windows to modify the BCD and allow the loading of other operating systems. Thus, one of the major applications of the program is in setting up multi-boot environments which include Linux, Mac OS X, snd BSD as well. This allows you to maintain several operating systems installed one computer and to switch between them effortlessly.
  • How many boots can EasyBCD manage?

    There is no program-imposed limit on the number and kinds of boots you can manage via the software. However, keep in mind that boot data requires a certain amount of storage, and it may be recommended to keep boots spread around different hard disk partitions, which imposes certain hardware rather than software limitation on how far you can go.
  • What versions of Windows can I install with EasyBCD?

    The program lets you turn back time all the way back to MS-DOS 6.x and Windows 95-ME and covers all following releases until the present Windows 10. Different releases come with various useful options, like verbose boot logging, a cap on CPU cores, and selective safe mode booting.
  • Can EasyBCD boot from a USB stick?

    Yes, you can use the program to create a bootable USB medium, be it a flash drive or an external hard disk. The USB drive is prioritized as a boot medium by default; you can adjust that setting if you wish so. However, keep in mind that fast booting is not supported for external drives.
  • Is EasyBCD hard to use?

    The program is easy to use and makes the complicated process of adding, editing, tweaking, and prioritizing booting options seem simple. The graphic interface is very user-friendly and intuitive.
  • What bootloaders does EasyBCD use for its non-Windows booting sequences?

    For Linux, the program uses either the traditional chainloading method with GRUB, GRUB2, and LILO, or NeoGrub, a special version of Grub for Dos. For BSD, the program ships with a special module which works alongside the BTX bootloader and was especially developed for this application. The Darwin bootloader covers Mac OS X.
  • Can EasyBCD fix corrupt boot configuration data storage?

    Yes, you can use the program to identify and repair any problematic BCD storage point. You can also back up and restore every BCD sector as insurance against mistakes.
  • How can I uninstall EasyBCD?

    You can remove the program from your system in the usual Windows way. You can safely delete any leftover directories without jeopardizing your computer's integrity.
  • Is EasyBCD safe?

    The software is safe to use, even for novices thanks to its back-up and restoring capabilities. Make sure you download it from a trusted source!


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